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I take mostly digital photos with my Canon PowerShot ELPH 520HS. I acquired a Diana F+ "Dreamer" recently and dabble in some analog you will see occasionally.

Late-night insights and thoughts.

Dishes done, having a cup of tea and enjoying the sweet fragrance of Lily of the Valley. Thinking of and missing our dear friend Rosanne. The first lilies planted in our backyard she dug up and brought from her own garden. Lily of the Valley teaspoon was a gift from her a few years ago.

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Green is my favorite color :)

Green is my favorite color :)

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Invited people over, so I better get busy. Happy Sunday!

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Finally home, that was a lot of music to play. The sun is out but it is most certainly naptime.

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Happy Good Friday everyone!

Easter is only 3 days away, so this loverly pastel green 1959 Edsel Ranger is very timely.  And check out that fantastic dash! 

In my favorite color too!!

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I like his version even more, but then I’m partial to piano.

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So much for an early night, finally decided on which chocolate cake recipe to make for tomorrow. Picked the less involved one, did not even need any mixers. Mast Brother’s Minnesota Fudge Cake. I licked the bowls, now I’m wired.

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