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Today at the wrens nest, still not hatched. The clematis is now fluffy seed pods.

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Being able to to yard work in the late afternoon and not melt in July, enjoying it while it lasts.

Tea and chocolate canelé break, then more yard work till dark.

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Closeups of Beethoven’s penmanship

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Annual Summer tradition, okra pickles.

My favorite okra from Beech Creek Farm up the road. Half pint jars with mini okra for  “okra cornichon” and medium okra in pint jars. A variation on my favorite recipe from Blackberry Farm.

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And I have lost your face
It slips between my fingers now
And all the world is gray
As though you took the colors with you
When you went and passed away

Pardon me, but I love this song so much it’s stupid.

I’m attempting to get around my beginnings problem and listening to things about endings.

I lean towards simple percussion. The closer to clockwork the better. Helps remind me that we’re held together by paperclips and bits of string.

If you haven’t listened to Radical Face, I highly suggest that you do, and that you start with the album Ghost, which is storytelling in the best way.


Thought about this song for a variety of reasons while prepping okra….

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Today’s weather has been such a gift! Even the zinnia look perkier than usual. Canelé and tea for brunch, windows open and finally getting the okra pickles started.

Canceled the one piano lesson today to get some yardwork in later.

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Spanish Romance

Miloš Karadaglić, ’Jeux interdits’, Anonymous

Published on Jun 12, 2012

'Quizás, quizás, quizás'

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